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Our Affiliates

Part of our mission is to support small charities and non-profit groups who are working for the wider community. Once affiliated to us these charities can rely on our continued support, financial and other, as they build and grow. We want to spread the word on the great work they are doing and are proud of our affiliation with them.
The Medjugorje Message Magazine
Founded and run by Bernard Gallagher, the Medjugorje Message is a highly regarded monthly publication focusing on the latest messages, news and stories emerging from Medjugorje. It is distributed free of charge to a wide audience and does excellent work in keeping people connected to the continuing events and stories coming out of Medjugorje today. If you would like to make further enquiries in how to support this publication or see more of Bernard's work and his beautiful photography, then please visit Bernard's blog here
The I Am With You Foundation
I Am With You is a little devotional book which has already changed countless lives.  The foundation that is behind this book and its many sister publications does excellent work in distributing the book in areas of spiritual need such as prisons and hospitals. The foundation depends on donations to keep distributing Father John Woolley's inspirational books which have brought comfort and help to many in need of the beautiful messages contained within. I Am With You unfailingly gives a sense of God's nearness, to strengthen and uplift in any kind of need. Peace is conveyed to those whom life has hurt in some way.From all over the world come messages of appreciation about these words of divine encouragement and guidance from the risen Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit... words received in prayer-times by Father John Woolley, former British hospital chaplain. With the words came a promise by our Lord that there would be a wonderful spread of His Word - a promise now being marvellously realised. To make a donation to support the continued distribution of this book please visit their website here
Miracles in Bosnia' is a charity which covers two areas. Firstly a large clinic has been built just outside Mostar which provides new prosthetics for primarily children and adults who have lost their limbs from exploding landmines which were planted during the recent war in what was Yugoslavia. It is the only Clinic of its kind that offers 'free' limbs plus a place for family to stay while the limbs are measured and fitted and physiotherapy has taken place. Secondly, the charity also builds homes for families that were displaced during the recent war. The children from these families are provided with free schooling through the charity. Matthew Proctor started up this charity in the 1990's and it has grown successfully thanks to his continued dedication and hard work and the kind donations from individuals and several very generous sponsors which he has managed to secure. To carry on to provide free limbs and free housing he will need continual support. If you would like to learn more about this Charity, please visit their website here
Ashalayam in Kolkata, India
Don Bosco Ashalayam is a project that was set up over 25 years ago to rescue vulnerable and abandoned children from the streets of Kolkata in India. Each year the Salesians in Kolkata look after up to 450 children in their homes; they cater for a further 500 children who use their drop in facility. The primary aim of the Salesian priests and brothers is to return children to their families as soon as possible in order to stop them getting accustomed to life on the streets. If there is a problem at home that can be solved we will work with the family in order to make the place safe again for a child to return. Where this is not possible or where we cannot trace the family then we provide the children with a home and educate them or teach them a trade, depending on the child's preference and/or ability.

Sometimes children will run away from the home for reasons unknown to the Salesians and may return again weeks or months later. The Salesians take children from all faith backgrounds and none. The children are made to feel valued and loved.

The project receives no support from the Indian Government and so is dependent solely on charitable donations.